October 23, 2008

uuum - need to write a post...

Welcome - if you've clicked the 'blog' link or just stumbled in here from who knows where - eitherway, here you are!
Sure, it's not much right now, but once I hang a few pictures, say a few wise and inspired musings, you'll be back time and again!

So - just to clarify, the point of this 'seamy underbelly' style off-shoot of heathmck.com is to showcase the many varied bits and pieces that never really see the light of day and are often, really not meant to.

Job after job requires the creation of any number of images that are never really meant for public airing - they're merely part of the design process or random tests or personal little things that don't plan on going anywhere....until now! This is where they'll go - sporadically and when I remember!

Also - abandoned concepts may pop up here too - they deserve some attention even if whoever they were intended for spurned them!

oh...and the possibility of a much loved collection of young ladies may spring up here too...wait and see really!

sooo that's that - I'm sure i'll manage to pop something up soon enough!

(and the ramblings will surely improve too...fingers crossed!)