October 30, 2009

Happy Halloweeeeeen! (if you're reading this on the 31st of October!)

Indeed yes - we come to SHOCKtober's final Friday posting - mere hours away from All Hallow's Eve...spooooky!

Ofcourse Friday postings will theoretically continue well into GLOWvember (haven't thought that through in ANY way at all) and beyond...but for now, time to fondly farewell Shocktober! And what better way than with something akin to a beauty pageant, or perhaps a collective of cute young trick r' treaters!

I give you the 'Little Girl' Halloween parade.

Given that a vast majority of the Little Girl designs happily strayed into horrorific territory there's a bundle of them that are appropriate for the season though none of them had yet to reach the 'finished art stage' - hence this display of just a few - enjoy!

First a classic or two - vampires and werewolves (or atleast...beginnings of werewolves!)


And then - more contemporary favourites...and a shrunken head.

and last - but by no means least, one of the creepier little ladies...Little Angel of Death!

Happy Halloween!

October 23, 2009

Family matters.

SHOCKTOBER! Post number 2!

This is a little something from the personal files of me. I don't seem to ever get enough of a chance (or enough inspiration) to knock out something just for me all that often these days - but here's something that made it through! It's a touching piece i call 'family matters' - because it does, regardless of little quirks - like zombification!

October 16, 2009

Friday Lycanthrope!

Halloween month (henceforth to be known as 'Shocktober') is off and away as promised - halfway through Shocktober too - also appropriate for this shoddy and haphazard blog! And we begin with a treasure from the abandoned file!

It's a Teen Wolf! As loosely commissioned by Nova 100 for something to do with their website...before mysteriously, communication ceased and Teenwolf never got beyond this draft stage - despite receiving apparent acclaim! Aaah commercial radio - will we ever understand your ways?

Nevertheless it can be aired here now, if not as a tribute to Nova's random ways - then as a stirring tribute to Michael J. Fox's first movie (he wasn't proud of it and was a bit embarrassed when it was eventually released on the back of BTTF fever!) and Jason Bateman's possibly first movie (couldn't be bothered googling that one - though he's quite proud of it as an opus to puberty and sequels with clever spins on the use of 2 in a title).

Out of interest, for all you fact buffs: the original title of this blog was to be 'Friday Lycan!' - however, so as not to seem ignorant I looked up lycan - and it turns out, it's a form of werebeast that has only two forms, neither of which are human...as such, musing upon that notion flippantly - behold - the budgihuahua in mid transformation.

Now that's a lycan i'd like to see Kate Beckinsale fighting.

October 15, 2009


Fight Club - make of it what you will, be it bleak, dystopian antiheroism with a hint of 'DIY' world changing ideology thrown in...or just an elaborate grudge against Ikea and it's easy-peasy DIY furniture. All I know is it's a cracking good film worthy of fevered debate, repeat viewings and celebration! Thanks to mad-keen fan and soon to be Birthday Boy Steve, it was brought to my attention that this soap based epic turns 10 years old TODAY.

So what better time to unleash a particular favourite in the Miss Little Girl of the Month pageant - Little Fight Club Girl...(I'm thinking though, i'd prefer a niftier title - any thoughts? Do let me know!).
Attention to geeky detail was something I strived for with all the Little Girl designs - but I think this one may be one of the best in terms of that sorta thing - right down to sweat stains and skin tones!
So here she (they) is (are).

Furthermore - and this may prove to be a pointless promise - BUT seeing as I actually have followers I'm now aware of ( I love you all - really) it's just the motivation I need to be much better at blogifying - and given this, the month of October culminates in Halloween - I shall dedicate the remaining Friday blogs (for that, dear reader is the day I shall aim to blog) to all things creepy, horror-ific and gruesome.