January 29, 2010


FACT! And I draw the picture to accompany the particular short story penned by this young lad. (I say 'penned', probably typed...kids today, do they even use pens?)

Yes indeed, rambling aside - kid writes short story about imaginary friends going pear-shaped, I draw the picture, it all gets published in an upcoming collection of short stories to be published by Black Dog Books in the name of charity! This is their second such volume of short stories for charity...the previous one afforded me the chance to draw killer rabbits!

And so once again, somehow my work leads back to 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' in one strange way or another. That's not dorky at all!

January 22, 2010

summer time. apparently.

Hi! Busy times as I get back on the horse...as it were. So here's a quick 'little girl of the month'! I'd forgotten all about this summertime lady, and given it's supposed to be summer in Melbourne (be it ever so patchy) - what better time to drag her out for all to admire!

So here she is - admire away!

January 15, 2010

2010 - and away we go!

Hi all and Happy New Year!

Welcome back to these blog postings in a year where surely i'll maintain this routine I've gotten accustomed too!

Of course, it's been a slow and reluctant drudge getting myself back into working mode so in the interests of maintaining my slackness for just one more day (promise!) - here's a bunch of photos I nicked off Facebook.

Refer to the last blog entry of 2009 and you'll see the Spamalot scenic design art I did...and now here, after a triumphant run this January - here's how the journey ended - behold these images of varying quality showing bits of the end result (be it during performances or during tech runs!)

Thanks photographers - your iPhones work well!