March 19, 2010


...apparently enjoy a good laugh! And needed a cover for a joke book which I've been told in good faith translates roughly as something like 'Laugh 'til you break your beak/face/mouth!'

Make of that what you will - all I know is - the good people of Brazil are in for a jolly good time once this baby hits the shelves...presumably!

I've not actually seen any of the jokes inside.

March 12, 2010

this week...

...I have been engaged in this stuff!

Make of it what you will - it's certainly kept me busy! The top image, you may recall, was last seen quite awhile back in a much rougher form!

(and no the use of the term 'engaged' was not deliberate in an attempt to raise the ire of those wishing to see the recently mentioned engagement/proposal book! I'll be sure to make it very clear if and when said book may appear here! But as you can see - so busy drawing random things to find time to post it!!!)

March 5, 2010

abandoned fairyfolk and things...


so, in the interests of not showing you things that are in various stages of heading toward appearing in the public eye soon enough (but not nearly soon enough for me to allow to be allowed to reveal them...potentially! mmmmm - confusing!) - here's some stuff that IS out there...but not through my doing!

These are some abandoned concepts that were to be for a novel that was eventually published, just with someone else's illustrations instead of mine - from memory only because my elf designs weren't 'Christmas Elf-like' enough. Given, mind you, that the elf in the story was in no way a Christmas elf - I thought i'd go for something a little more interesting and unique than the lameness only the true Christmas elf can my detriment in this case!