December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas!

And so I blog here for the last time in 2009! And by way of a festive gift, a bonanza of 'behind the scenes' stuff only some of you have seen before! (Bonanza's probably a bit of an over statement...perhaps 'meagre offering' would be better!).

Aaaaanyway, remember this?

Well, it began as concept art which then was turned into the 'already seen in construction' scale model which now after much, much, MUCH hard work from only a few brave and clever souls has been translated into a life size model!

As can be seen by this photo of me painting a bit of it - it's BIG.

Should you be at a loss of what to do and within reasonable travel distance of Frankston (please, hear me out) from New Year's Eve til January 9, you can witness this life-size scale model in action as actors, dancers and singers prance about all over it as they attempt to put on the best damn version of 'Monty Python's Spamalot' they can muster!

However - it all began way back in around May, June as drawings. Enjoy this sampling!

And lastly, to all you who've put up with the early sporadic postings and/or joined in once I forced myself to maintain a weekly routine - many thanks indeed! It's been a pleasure discovering more and more of you who read it (making it feel worthwhile to do rather than making me feel like I was flinging things out into empty darkness!).

Have a fine ol' festive season, Merry Christmas, Pear Noel (probly typed that wrong!) and do come on back next year...round January 15th - when we can start aaaaalll over again!

Who knows what random things will be required to be drawn in 2010?

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

December 11, 2009

It's clearly corporate Christmas time!

Hence this whirlwind rushjob! 'Need something in a day...thanks!'

Mmmm - well here it is Bob Jane! Despite the ever so tight deadline and slightly hokey concept - I quite like the end result! And it's always good to know I can manage something like this utra-quick when need be!

Merry Christmas to all who travel on tyres this festive season! Stick to the road and avoid everything on it!

December 4, 2009

Festive times have just begun...

...and yet, amongst the MANY little girls of the month - never did a festive design get done! Which certainly boggles my mind - and maybe one day will be amended - but not today!
Instead, we celebrate the birth of Summer 09/10 - with this beach babe - 'Little Sharkbite Girl'!

(And yes, I'm aware November lacked a little girl of the month - BUT do remember SHOCKtober ended with a GLUT of spoiled you were!)

Ummm - so what else happened this week - Mazda required a Christmas card - thats' what! And here it is!

And for those who'd like to see it a bit better - it's a three fold thing that's meant to sort of be based on their current 'stencil graffiti' inspired TV ad campaign (yeah, Mazda's finger is firmly planted no the pulse, to the point of disrupting blood flow) - so the idea is that we begin in the city, where one might work...

...then home for the holidays (note the traditional suburban light coloured brick...CLASSIC Mount Waverley if nowhere else!)...

..then off to the beach to enjoy the good times only Mazda can provide! (theyr'e gonna photoshop in the back end of the latest wonder vehicle suggesting it's headin' on down the road to golden holiday bliss - Mazda style!)

aaaaah summer, aaaaah Mazda, aaaaah graffiti!