December 4, 2009

Festive times have just begun...

...and yet, amongst the MANY little girls of the month - never did a festive design get done! Which certainly boggles my mind - and maybe one day will be amended - but not today!
Instead, we celebrate the birth of Summer 09/10 - with this beach babe - 'Little Sharkbite Girl'!

(And yes, I'm aware November lacked a little girl of the month - BUT do remember SHOCKtober ended with a GLUT of spoiled you were!)

Ummm - so what else happened this week - Mazda required a Christmas card - thats' what! And here it is!

And for those who'd like to see it a bit better - it's a three fold thing that's meant to sort of be based on their current 'stencil graffiti' inspired TV ad campaign (yeah, Mazda's finger is firmly planted no the pulse, to the point of disrupting blood flow) - so the idea is that we begin in the city, where one might work...

...then home for the holidays (note the traditional suburban light coloured brick...CLASSIC Mount Waverley if nowhere else!)...

..then off to the beach to enjoy the good times only Mazda can provide! (theyr'e gonna photoshop in the back end of the latest wonder vehicle suggesting it's headin' on down the road to golden holiday bliss - Mazda style!)

aaaaah summer, aaaaah Mazda, aaaaah graffiti!

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