April 9, 2009

Censorship and mascara

It's APRIL! So yet again I fail to be a regular blogger - which rather than bemoan - I shall embrace! And maybe improve upon...who knows!

Aaanyway - little girl of the month (March or April, whatever you decide!) is Little Panda Girl.

I'nt she loverly?

Now - the censorship part of the 'post'.

Remember these two? 
And furthermore, how their glorious technicolored visages could cause the legal types that hover around books to become a wee bit concerned?

Well - here they finally are in technicolor!

I'm going to assume you can see how 'Donald' and 'The Captain' (getit?!) might cause concern and indeed they have! After completing the upcoming 'Mac O'Beasty' by Adam Wallace - the legal minds decided perhaps a bit of change was in order - just in case! 

Hence the next image.

Meet 'Harold' and unless some folk are still a bit jittery about it all - 'The Captain'...still!

It kind of throws a dampener on some of the fun that could've and until recently did run through the book...but nevermind - I guess it could've been considerably worse.

So do enjoy this rare glimpse at the boldly controversial 'Donald' and look out for the still quite distinctly Ronald-esque 'Harold'.

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