April 22, 2009

Little Witches, Elves and Vampires

Those of you who read Barbie Magazine a few years ago (and I know you're out there, if only for the free Lip Smackers stuff stuck to the cover - don't eat it) may remember 'The Littlest Witch'. Below are my model sheets for the main characters.

Gwen - witch.

Nel - Elf.

Rain - vampire.

Well - they left Barbie Magazine sometime ago (probably for the best) BUT are on the verge of being reborn as their own completely Barbie free series of novels.

Note their sassy, ever so slightly sexier new looks. Don't ask how old they're meant to be!

Still - i'll miss the old ones in all their cute n' colourful sweetness!


  1. i really like your drawings they look fantastic.:)
    From Danielle and Sofia

  2. so... did you guys draw all these pictures?