June 4, 2009

Sugar, Spam and all things spooky...and some nits.

Happy June! And what better way to celebrate such a middle of the year type month than with a sugar high - welcome 'Little sugar-high Girl'. She's happy to be here but probably won't remember it - and probably will have diabetes.

Elsewhere around the office - things have been busy, to say the least...below is a hint of Halloweeny things to come. First off - a work in progress I quite liked the look of in this particular stage.

...which later grew eyeballs, sprouted hair and liver spots to become this.

...which all has something to do with this...

Cryptic - spooky - available in September...I think! (Yes, I'm a savvy business man with my finger on every pulse!)

On the SPAMmier side of life - below is a candid photograph taken of a little scenic design I've been working on all in the name of Python, notorious spiced ham (not to be confused with notoriously spiced ham) and medieval historical romping of musical proportions!

Behold Monty Python's SPAMalot - about 20% constructed and one 20th it's eventual size!

 Ooooh - aaaaaaah. Make of it what you will!

Aaaaand finally - something I didn't personally 'do' but DID design - thus, without me - they ain't got nothin'! Well actually - i DID do the books, as seen below...but not the actual animation seen below-er.

Out now in all reputable bookselling venues is a thrilling ongoing saga of man and nit. As written by Tristan Bancks. It's a story we all can relate to. Unless you're bald and have been all your life - can't help you there - but I'm boldly presuming that's a small demographic which won't affect sales - so I'm ok with that. Book 2's more for you - note the baldness on the cover. At some point in time you've no doubt atleast had an itchy peer so you can atleast relate on a wider level. But I do believe I'm using my blog for rambling now - surely not what blogs are for!!

And here's the fancy bit where clever individuals made my character designs move about in a 3D fashion. It's a work in progress - but I like it!

I look forward to the Nickelodeon series, the ABC shop merchandise and a token invite to the Logies. (For international readers, the Logies is a farcical Australian awards ceremony not to be missed).

Alright thats' enough for now - I've outdone myself and need a lie down.


  1. Wow, I mean wow, I mean, f#cking wow. You're going to be animated, like on telly, like WOW!!!!!
    (I'm saying anonymous but really it's Steve)

  2. OMG....what steve said!!!
    Do you know where i can get Little sugar high girl on a T shirt?? LOL
    You have to guess who this is, i'm not giving myself up!!!

  3. All awesome heath!
    Old dude reminds me of an undead catweazle.

    +Isn't notorious spiced ham a rapper or something?

    Fantastic they're making a series using your designs too.

  4. Hi Heath,

    I bounced over here from Inside A Dog. So nice to see an illustrator picking the fleas off the dog. Or at least prettying them up with a bit of technicolour! Am loving the rambly blog and the illo's you've posted here. Little Miss Insulin above is fabulous - almost like looking in a mirror (yeah, yeah, one day i'll make it to sugar addicts anonymous) Looking forward to more of your intermittent blogtacular rambles.