August 31, 2009

Too little a bit late...

Hi! So I'm still alive and still well, and now temporarily free of the madness that has been the past two month hence my regrettably appalling blogging behaviours!!

In truth, aside from touring the state and spreading the good word about buying my books - let's be honest, that's the message I was attempting to instill - I've been blogging elsewhere at for the State Library! They twisted my arm, offered me money - you CAN'T escape once the library is onto you!

But now I'm free to blog here once again (not that I couldn't before - just lazy, I guess - and busy!)
Nevertheless, over at that blog I promised to post the included picture - based on my tour of Victoria and one of the spontaneous drawing stories I did with the kids - this image is the final image in a story about a hippy cow chicken creature that ended up squirting his magical milk on the herd and as such inflicting gender confusion amongst the sheep! This story was conjured up by year 8 boys - so I think that bit of information alone excuses any and all questions you may have!

Eitherway, as promised - the sheep. And another promise to get back on this proverbial horse - tomorrow, as September dawns, so too shall a blog featuring what's been going on - enough girls of the month to get things up to date and more! MUCH more!!!

Now here's the sheep. And the cow chicken on it's mysterious milking bike contraption (as I feel that context is required, otherwise it wouldn't make sense, now would it!) - thanks year 8 boys, couldn't have conjured it without you!

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  1. LOLLL, you are awesome. :)
    Draw me a picture of Dale Thomas or something. idk.