September 2, 2009

Spring - it's in the air and up your nose.

Not the best title - but factual - ya can't deny it! NOW - as already mentioned - it's been awhile and so - it's time for a bonanza of treats from the seamy underbelly this blog represents - beginning of course with our ladies of the month! Of all the little girls, none quite say 'spring' to me as much as - Little Nature Girl! Need I say more? I don't believe so!

And let's follow that up - for absolutely no logical reason with Little Loompa Girl. Why? Coz she's cute, presumably sings helpful lessons of common sense and comes bearing candy! Yay!!!

Now - enough of this - onto, first of all - the reason my blogging has been so poor of late - I blame this pirate to begin with.

Of course, has nice as he is, he didn't really suit the 'little kid' friendly aesthetic we were aiming for! SO why not make the pirate a kid instead?!

All good? Okay, let's make a particularly complex but ultimately rewarding little book outta this!

Here's the cover - and a colourless sample of whats' going on inside! It was fun to do, should make for a cracking ABC book and took more than it's fair share of time to get together! Note the gender typo - yeah - I'm switching genders on the text and shakin' things up! That's just how I roll, baby!!

And now - a little bit of delving into the 'abandoned project' folder!

The excessively talented photographer, Emma Phillips specialises in music photography and for a wee while a year or two ago was working on changing her promotional image - hence me working up an eclectic variety of 'rock poster' inspired business postcards for her. Unfortunately, she ultimately headed in a less complex direction but the work done remains unseen by the masses - UNTIL NOW. (Do also visit - awesome folio site. I think my favourite may be the Pauline Hanson pic...)

The marauding killer cat was to be brought to lurid life in a fairly punkish/rockabilly/ska/Ed Roth type of vibe...

This one made it to finished art.

As did this one - a sweeter, 60s beatnik/cocktail hour angle!

This war poster/german/chinese propaganda number was to feature a nazi-esque scientist ape 'throwing the diabolical switch'. Make of it what you will.

I particularly loved this one, loosely entitled 'inner cupie'. It was intended to resemble old 50's science book type art - the various business details being listed in place of annotations on the image.

Who knows - one day the unfinished ones may find their way to life for some reason or forward any children's book manuscripts you may have featuring nazi science apes.

Oh - BTW, I realise i'm behind by three ladies of the month - so here's...let's call her Miss July!
Little Assistant Girl.


  1. Awesome work Heath. I especially like the beatnic piece-great colours & cool composition.

  2. wow great stuff! Lokk forward in seeing more!