October 16, 2009

Friday Lycanthrope!

Halloween month (henceforth to be known as 'Shocktober') is off and away as promised - halfway through Shocktober too - also appropriate for this shoddy and haphazard blog! And we begin with a treasure from the abandoned file!

It's a Teen Wolf! As loosely commissioned by Nova 100 for something to do with their website...before mysteriously, communication ceased and Teenwolf never got beyond this draft stage - despite receiving apparent acclaim! Aaah commercial radio - will we ever understand your ways?

Nevertheless it can be aired here now, if not as a tribute to Nova's random ways - then as a stirring tribute to Michael J. Fox's first movie (he wasn't proud of it and was a bit embarrassed when it was eventually released on the back of BTTF fever!) and Jason Bateman's possibly first movie (couldn't be bothered googling that one - though he's quite proud of it as an opus to puberty and sequels with clever spins on the use of 2 in a title).

Out of interest, for all you fact buffs: the original title of this blog was to be 'Friday Lycan!' - however, so as not to seem ignorant I looked up lycan - and it turns out, it's a form of werebeast that has only two forms, neither of which are human...as such, musing upon that notion flippantly - behold - the budgihuahua in mid transformation.

Now that's a lycan i'd like to see Kate Beckinsale fighting.

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