October 30, 2009

Happy Halloweeeeeen! (if you're reading this on the 31st of October!)

Indeed yes - we come to SHOCKtober's final Friday posting - mere hours away from All Hallow's Eve...spooooky!

Ofcourse Friday postings will theoretically continue well into GLOWvember (haven't thought that through in ANY way at all) and beyond...but for now, time to fondly farewell Shocktober! And what better way than with something akin to a beauty pageant, or perhaps a collective of cute young trick r' treaters!

I give you the 'Little Girl' Halloween parade.

Given that a vast majority of the Little Girl designs happily strayed into horrorific territory there's a bundle of them that are appropriate for the season though none of them had yet to reach the 'finished art stage' - hence this display of just a few - enjoy!

First a classic or two - vampires and werewolves (or atleast...beginnings of werewolves!)


And then - more contemporary favourites...and a shrunken head.

and last - but by no means least, one of the creepier little ladies...Little Angel of Death!

Happy Halloween!

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