November 27, 2009

still at the zoo!


So yes, following on from last week's teasy teasy look at upcoming Zoo campaigns...howsabout a look at the last zoo campaign - which looked like this (before any words were added)!

It was a campaign based on the age old 'find the frog' approach (?!) - promoting awareness of the particular plight of the poor little green tree frog and it's endangeredness along the way!

So a gorilla (for Melbourne Zoo), a lion (for Werribee Open Range) and a kangaroo (for Healesville Sanctuary) were commissioned to join in the fun!

This, design-wise, also turned out to be the kind of job that pretty much gets it's 'look' straight away and doesn't really deviate too much from there - which can be quite nice and easy at times!

(mmm - note the heartbreaking emotion in the eyes - gorillas LOVE frogs. FACT.)

And on top of this - I was also asked to break the kangaroo's arm for the specific purpose of promoting the Healesville Sanctuary's world class animal hospital too...seemed a bit extreme, but whatever! Atleast there's a decent hospital to sort it out!

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