February 26, 2010

Our witch here is done. Work, I mean 'work' - our 'work' here is...nevermind.

Remember those little witches (elves and vampires) from April's blog of last year that were on their way from Barbie Magazine to fully fledged novels all of their very own? (Pause whilst you check back on that blog though how you could possibly have forgotten it?!).

Well FINALLY - we're almost there - and atleast, my part is done!

Having first created their Barbie Magazine look in 2004 (this is Gwen in particular as I very first drew her...having based her vaguely on Isla Fisher...very vaguely)

And then as far back as 2008 started on getting them up to date and ready for today's 'tween' woman...


Gwen has finally reached the current end of the journey - that being the cover art pictured at the top of this blog! it only took 7 years - but she's still the same age, yet somehow all growed up! *tear*

One can only presume that both Nel and Rain will get the full transformative treatment in sequels to come...

PS: No blog posts 2 weeks in a row? Sorry - busy working on a lavish book for the purposes of proposing to my ex-girlfriend...now fiancee! P'raps i'll pop it up here in the blog one day...how romantical!


  1. I want to see the book please!!! :)

  2. Pleeease can we see the book................