November 20, 2009

wild seas and bigness...

SO - a short but ever so sweet two parter this week! FIRST, examine and muse upon tantalising glimpses of an ad campaign I did my part for in the following images! I'm not sure the Melbourne Zoo would like me revealing the full artworks juuuuuust yet partly because the ads themselves aren't quite done yet, nor is the 'Python-esque' animation to be done for the cinema ad version! But I can tell you this, 'Wild Sea' is coming to the zoo - and I'd wager the animals involved are quite excited - while the other animals who aren't involved, are probably quite miffed and prone to violence. In the end, maybe when visiting the zoo, stick to Wild Sea and avoid the unique brand of hostility only jealous jungle beasts can offer elsewhere!

Or perhaps I don't have a clue what I'm on about!

Also - last week's post was meant to include embiggenable images so you could read and examine The Age newspaper pieces better - but for some reason or another (my technical cockuppery) this wasn't the case - so hopefully now, it IS!

Enjoy! (if it works!)


  1. FAIL!

    These pictures get NO BIGGER!!! Oh HOW do I make it happen?!

  2. The pastel on the zoo pictures is great, nice work :)